A Not So Exciting Announcement

(Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash)

No new post today, I’m sorry to say.

I spent most of yesterday in an O.R. and then the recovery room.

This has been planned for a while. To protect my manly image, I’ll bloviate now about how it’s no big deal. Just a routine “prostate cryo-ablation.”

You know, a guy thing.

I may or may not refer to this event in the future but definitely will do my best to resume posting about other exciting opportunities for personal development ASAP.

Thanks for your good thoughts.



  1. Larry. Nothing funny about what you went through. My son is terminal cancer and I am so upset it is killing me. I buried my wife last year and now my son. I think our time in Skokie is so special to our past. Stay well my friend. Marty Levine

  2. Hi Larry, glad to hear all went well. Was it done as out patient or did you spend the night in the hospital. Which ever, glad you are on the mend. Hey, stay well will ya, I am older than you and need you to be good. Listen to the docs and Gwen.

    1. Thanks, Burt. This was a return of the prostate cancer that the doctors and Gwen and I had thought we’d taken care in January 2020. This time around, thanks to new techniques, the surgeon was able to target the cancer sells more effectively in a cryosurgery ablation that send me home after just a few early morning hours in the hospital. However, I was at the E.R. bright and early this morning because the catheter was blocked and I was in real life agony. Replacing the catheter took as long as the original procedure, which Gwen and I have seen be the case time after time in emergency rooms. I’ll probably do a post about this, but first I have to figure out a way to see it as funny.

      EDITED TO ADD: Hey! I did do a post about this. https://larrybrody.com/2022/10/28/the-satisfaction-of-having-a-genuinely-personal-blog/

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