This “Questionable Content” Reminds Me of Someone I Know Very, Very Well

Indie webcomic Questionable Content has been one of my favorite comic strips since it began way, way, way back in 2003. I’m far from alone in my feeling. According to SimilarWeb.Com, it welcomed 4.7 million visitors last September alone!

QC’s original protagonists, roommates Martin and Pintsize (Martin’s PC) clicked with me and kept on clicking. Over the past 21 years the cast has grown into a true (and ginormous) ensemble, and creator/writer/artist Jeph Jacques’ has sharpened his skills to a fine edge.

No other strip has ever offered me what I see here. Self-aware robots, gay stars, lesbian stars, transexual stars (and bots), even straights, and much more of the delightfully weird abound.

I’ve never seen an episode I didn’t love, but I love the one below, from November 6th a bit more than most because of – I probably shouldn’t make this public – the last panel, which immediately put me in mind of a certain GTB, alias G the B, alias Gwen the Beautiful.

Here ’tis:

Hmm, panel 4 also reminds me of Gwen.

I should’ve known.

Check out more Questionable Content HERE

(P.S. Now that I think about it, if I ever wanted to get back into the TV biz, I’ve love turning QC into a series. Whether it’s live action or animated, I’d be there.)

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