Some Truth About Blogging

(Dustin 11/14/22 by STEVE KELLEY AND JEFF PARKER via

I’m always amazed – and highly gratified – when I see a daily newspaper strip that gets things right. My definition of getting things right is – “natch,” as me long gone old mum would say – that the strip reflects something that’s part of my life.

Not because I’m egocentric in the extreme – oh no! – but because the older I get the more intimate situations I encounter that I am in absolutely no way prepared for, so seeing them portrayed in any medium eases my anxiety.

The Dustin strip above calmed me greatly for a while, but then I realized that no one Dustin’s age would be as awkward about creating a blog as Mister Eponymous Hero here. To be that clueless, you need to be an alte cocker like moi.

As an old fart (the proper English translation of alte cocker, yeah?) I shamelessly admit that long ago, during that other website I used to have, (which did pretty darned well) I learned to ignore the visitor counter so I wouldn’t lose heart and give up. I also shamelessly admit that the current visitor count of Larry Brody’s Blog is about one percent (1%) of the former site’s.

Because it turns out that becoming part of the Older Generation and spending time interacting with one’s peers goes even further toward accepting the slings and arrows of moment-to-moment life than Kurt Vonnegut’s always helpful occasionally lifesaving —

— “So it goes.” 

More Dustin awaits HERE


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