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I’m not certain, but like yesterday’s post, this  might be poetry too.

We live during a time when the rich are richer,

The poor are even poorer,

And the middle class only exists as long as

Its children of all ages can live at home.

What’s that you’re saying, my love?”

Oh-ho, of course!

“Considering the state of things,” you wonder

What are the rich/richer doing?

Do we know?”

“They are spending, child, and encouraging the rest of us,

The poor/poorer and barely existent middle class

To do the same.”

“You mean…us? They want us to spend too?”

“Very well asked, child. And we’re

Listening, my little love

Because how in the name of the holy of holies

Can anyone resist–

An Automatic Pan Stirrer Only $37.950

A Temperature Controlled 6 oz. Smart Cup Just $99.95

An Updated Health & Fitness Tracker Merely $69.95

Another Remixed Beatles Revolver Special Edition

5 CD Boxed Set Almost 50% Off $108.99

And ever so much more–

In a world where the biggest company selling all these goodies

Has announced it’s firing thousands of workers

And another huge company, the one that

Devotes its very being to

Announcing that status of all things,

Already has sent

Thousands of its workers packing?

What a wonderful world, where,

No matter our financial or social status

We all can die clutching so much cool.

Now hush, little baby. You know you can’t

Afford to cry.



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