4 Daily Cartoons that describe a certain LB – PERFECTLY

More comics from the pages of yours/mine/our daily newspapers demonstrating the kind of wisdom that’s still available via an art form (“pop art form?”) that many people mistakenly refer to as dying, or at the very least, obsolete.

These particular recent examples have one thing in common. Even though I had absolutely nothing to do with their creation, each seems to present a side of myself that I’ve been trying to hide/improve for as long as I can remember.

Let’s keep these little bits of insight just between us, okay?

Lola by Todd Clark
(with a punchline that could’ve been written by – ulp – Ms. G the B)

Another Lola by Todd Clark
(with a punchline that explains why I haven’t done quite as well, business wise, as I always thought I should)

The Elderberries by Corey Pandolph, Phil Frank, & Joe Troise
(with a punchline everyone in my neighborhood greets with an “Amen!”)

Pardon My Planet by Vic Lee)
(With an all too true punchline I’ve been hiding from my readers/viewers for 60 years)



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