Speaking of the Unexpected…

First appearance of quicksand on the interwebs in 2023:

Sorry, but I couldn’t resist. I am, of course, referring to this reference in a post here from a couple of weeks ago:

“When I was a kid, quicksand was everywhere, in all segments of reality and unreality also. Then one day, poof! it was gone. And no one’s even mentioned it since. Except the oh so observant [Michael] Peck.”


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  1. Hello Larry. A voice from your past–I’m glad you’re still online, and I hope you are doing well. I have the script of a TV Christmas movie–it won an award on your TV writer website–about the kid who keeps the house for herself and gets parents to move back and forth for visits. I’m still working on it–I’ve rewritten it to be more like Happy, Happy Hallmark Christmas movies–without contentious children. But, my agent retired! Barry Perleman. I’m looking for suggestions about how to land a new agent–one who might take a writer with only one project who has gotten some favorable feedback from Hallmark–at least that’s what I’ve heard. Would you have any ideas for me? Thank you

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