A Couple of Helpful How-To Posts for “Creatives”

Why have I put quotation marks around “creatives?” Because regardless of how often this word is used on the interwebs to mean someone engaged in one artistic endeavor or another, I find said usage inaccurate, condescending, and insulting.

As I say it, we’re all creative one way or another, and constantly engaged in the most creative process known to man – creating our lives.

Be that as it may, here are two recent posts I think will be interesting and helpful to those about to embark on artistic journeys or explorations with which I’m somewhat familiar and which I consider to be, when you get down to it, more difficult than most newbies expect.

By which I mean:

(image by guruXOX/Shutterstock.com via reviewgeek.com)

Everything You Need to Get Started Filmmaking
by Danny Chadwick

January is the magical time of year when movie buffs from around the world gather at the Sundance Film Festival to enjoy what the best indie filmmakers created the previous year. If you dream about being one of them but don’t know where to begin, we’ve got a list of gear to get you started….

Read it all at ReviewGeek.Com


(image source unknown. But I’m thinking it’s Derek Haines)

by Derek Haines

Why would you want to turn your blog posts into an ebook?

It’s an easy way to create an ebook that you can sell or give away. You can self-publish it or make it available for free on your blog.

You have a chance to earn extra income, or you can use it as a freebie to encourage your readers to subscribe to your mailing list.

Best of all, it doesn’t require much effort because you don’t need to write a book….

Read it all justpublishingadvice.com

And there you have it.

Kind of.

LAST MINUTE NOTE FROM LB: Now that I reread the intro above I’m thinking that living life is also an artistic endeavor, if you do it right. What about you?


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