Found at the Back of My Hall Closet

…One well-worn forty-two-year-old baseball cap worn by the Fall Guy himself, Colt Seavers (AKA Lee Majors), and now precariously balanced on the head of Sir Elvis:

I couldn’t resist wearing it today:

Not so precarious this way!

Here it is on Lee Majors’ head:

What am I bid? Who’ll start the bidding? What? Oh no, I’d never do that.

But, as long as I’m thinking about the show, anyone have any questions about it?  A craving for the mechanics of putting it together or behind the scenes gossip? If so, fire away in the Comments section and I’ll write an article answering the best I can.

Now about the auction….




  1. Sorry, CV, but it seems like the only time the producers-writers of a successful TV series that’s being turned into a film are brought into it is when the producers-writers have a piece of the action. And unfortunately, although I was one of the three original writer-producers on the series (I forget those other guys’ names) I didn’t get that golden ticket.

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