Today’s Political Tip


Actually, this is my first political tip ever, and it’s specifically directed at all you mayors, or wannabe mayors, of cities that are home to professional sports teams:

Never allow your precious baseball, football, basketball, et al team to start looking for a new home city, even though continuing to subsidize them may cost your citizens millions.”

What am I talking about? Have a look:

FBI raids home of embattled Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao
Neighbors say they awoke to loud banging early Thursday

Federal agents raided the home of Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao Thursday morning, according to the Department of Justice, witnesses and reports from local media. Thao is facing a recall vote amid a crime wave and municipal fiscal challenges….

The Oakland mayor has been under intense scrutiny in recent months for the city’s crime rates and the departure of the Oakland A’s baseball team. She will face a recall vote in November after her detractors collected enough signatures to qualify for the ballot….

Read it all at FBI raids home of embattled Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao – POLITICO

Yep. Bad juju, don’tcha think?



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