A Meme for the Ages

(the wonderful world of AI art)

It’s all-purpose! Check this out!

Just because you can afford something doesn’t mean you should buy it.

Just because you love horses doesn’t mean you should go all rodeo when you ride one.

Just because something looks cool doesn’t mean you should do it.

And this observation for budding authors, from the late Harlan Ellison:
“Just because you love to read doesn’t mean you should write.”

Reader contributions welcome!


  1. Harlan and I spent many years together, as friends and as not-friends. The Harlan quote is a matter of perspective. He and I often argued about this until we found deeper and more personal things to disagree about than the implied contract between writers and readers.

    No, I won’t say anything more about this. So it goes.



  2. I think the last one is a bit far. You can love reading and desire to write, but that doesn’t mean what you write has to be a novel, or for commercial gain.

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