Happy Today, Everybody!

(Ah, classic Calvin and Hobbes. I love it. Hope you do too!)


In showbiz it’s common to take as much time off as you can in the time period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Being an independent-minded son of a bitch myself (and no longer considering myself in the biz anyway),  I’ve been posting on this blog daily since November 24th anyway.

However, in the interests of health and sanity (mine, assuming I’m sane), I’ll be taking the coming week off for R & R but will be back posting January 2. 2023. In the meantime, my thought for the day is also the “Featured Image” of the day that should appear above.

And if you have problems seeing WordPress featured images via whatever way you connect to the interwebs, here it is again:


(trying to look like ExistentialComics.Com Camus)

A Not So Exciting Announcement

(Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash)

No new post today, I’m sorry to say.

I spent most of yesterday in an O.R. and then the recovery room.

This has been planned for a while. To protect my manly image, I’ll bloviate now about how it’s no big deal. Just a routine “prostate cryo-ablation.”

You know, a guy thing.

I may or may not refer to this event in the future but definitely will do my best to resume posting about other exciting opportunities for personal development ASAP.

Thanks for your good thoughts.


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