David Crosby, Twitter, and The Doors

(Elektra Records-Joel Brodsky, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

I’ve stayed out of the current debate about Twitter, Elon Musk, and, in general, who over there is fucking whom, but today I saw a tweet by David Crosby – yes, that David Crosby – that screams to me, “ATTENTION MUST BE PAID!”

Here’s the tweet:

I love David Crosby (mostly because I find him so unlovable, but I’m weird that way), but this whole anti-Doors vibe thing here – THE BRILLIANT FUCKING DOORS!!! – is ridiculous bullshit, and seeing it on Twitter can mean only one thing to me:

I’m out of the site.

(Actually, I’m just using this as an excuse for never going back to Muskville because I’ve gotten tired of seeing the World’s Richest Disappointment make a bigger and bigger ass of himself.)