The Wisdom of Daily Cartoons

Recently on Facebook, a terrific human being named Burt Weisberg, who happens to be my longest lasting living friend – since junior high, or was it even earlier than that, Burt?) mentioned that he’d always known I was going to be a successful writer but never thought it would be on the Hollywood side of the Biz.

Knowing of my love for comic books, Burt expected me to make my mark – or at least become a professional – as a writer for Marvel or D.C. And the fact of the matter is that I tried to push myself into the comic book world but never got very far. (I did, however, win a Shazam award back in the 1960s for best amateur short story or some such, finishing ahead of another new writer, a guy named George R.R. Martin. Whatever happened to him?)

One of the reasons I didn’t pursue the comic book business with as much energy as I should have was that I found a terrific agent who sold that winning short story and several others to The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction and introduced me to a genuine Hollywood agent, who got me a film deal and a whole lot of other film and TV work when I was a mere pisher of twenty-three.

Over the years I became way too busy writing and spending the $$$ brought in by writing to read much of anything, let alone comic books, which I greatly regretted, but now that I’ve retired I’ve found another type of panel art that often just blow me away.

I’m talking about the often overlooked/taken for granted art form known as the Daily Comic Strip. (AKA, cartoon.)

In the last couple of weeks I’ve sampled a ton of daily strips and been absolutely stunned by the unexpected wisdom I’ve found in them.

Of course, my definition is along the lines of “Aha! Something I myself feel/am dealing with/have personally experienced, etc” but let’s not go there right now.

Instead, let’s go to the strips that have recently made the biggest impression on me.

Brace yourselves:


The other Coast by Adrian Raeside


Mannequin on the Moon by Ian Boothby & Pia Guerra


Man Overboard by man martin

I’ll have a few more tomorrow because I know, know, know that y’all can hardly wait. And y’all now of course now why you’ve been seeing so many daily comics in this blog since it began not that long ago.