Dueling Wise Men

(Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic 2016 Blue @seekpng.com)

Overheard in the parking lot of that biker bar and grill I’m obviously spending too much time around:

Biker #1: “I know why I’m here, but I don’t know why you are.”

Biker #2: “I know why you’re here, but I don’t know why I am.”

Biker #3: “I don’t give a fuck about what either of you knows. I’m going home.”

The three of them pulled out their key fobs and growled away on their Harleys. A waitress taking a smoking break looked over her shoulder at me.

Waitress: “Soft tails that don’t need kick starting, with orthodontists riding ’em. Of course this country’s gone to hell!”

I nodded like I knew what she was talking about. I was glad the bikers hadn’t seen me smiling, because only God knows what could’ve happened if they’d gotten a look at my teeth.

(Harley Key Fob – Harley Key Fob Holder @seekpng.com)

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