TV Mini Review: REBOOT

(Image via Hulu.Com)


LB’S NOTE: I’m almost finished watching the debut season of Hulu’s REBOOT. Here’s my reaction with only one episode left.

What the Show is About:

“When a young writer sells the pitch for the reboot of an early 2000s sitcom, the show’s actors must come back together and face their unresolved issues.” (Per EpisodeCalendar.Com)

The Good:

  • Much better than the old, animated show of the same name.
  • Pretty darn realistic. The show makes me feel like I’m back in the biz again.
  • Funnier than most contemporary sitcoms.
  • Straightforward presentation of current showbiz generation conflicts.
  • As the old pro producer/co-showrunner, Paul Reiser reminds me of – me.

The Bad:

  • Loaded with showbiz stereotypes.
  • Doesn’t hold a candle to other shows of the same type, like Hackers, Episodes, The Dick Van Dyke Show.
  • Why can’t TV in general present LGBTQ characters simply as human beings, without shining a spotlight on their queerness?
  • If I’m really like the character Paul Reiser plays, instead of writing this blog I should be on a permanent professional and personal apology tour. Sorry.


This show works best if you watch it before viewing Hackers or Episodes because it just plain can’t stand up to the comparison. Better yet, skip all three and watch The Dick Van Dyke Show on Peacock or buy it at Amazon.