My experience has taught me that– Part 2

(Official lyric video via YouTube)

Last week I posted that, to me, the most intriguing phrase in the English language is:

“And then everything changed.”

For those who’ve asked why I made that particular post, it boils down to the fact that even though I’ve had a previous cryosurgery for prostate cancer (a shade under three years ago), the do-over of that procedure (a shade over three weeks ago) has been more traumatic.

Not because of the result re cancer, which is that (again) it looks like it’s all gone, but because of the unexpected difficulty I’ve been having in recovering from the procedure itself. If there’s one thing I’m learning, it’s that I am indeed not the man I used to be such a short time before.

“It’s all about moving along, yeah?”

Throughout my life and career, moving along has been my catch phrase. I love the feeling of being in an ever-changing present.

That’s more difficult now, due to the fact that my ever-changing present currently is pretty damn full of various annoyances, aches, and pains so powerful that the only way to keep loving what’s happening is concentrate, concentrate, concentrate on the instants when the current annoyance, ache, or pain morphs into the next one.

In those instants I play the Hope Game, as in hoping that next feeling simply won’t show up.

I love Bowie’s Changes and always considered them mine as well. But I haven’t been able to find a Bowie Moving Along song to give me the smile I need in the instant I need it. I have, however, found this by Wes Montgomery, and, regardless of any other circumstances, as soon as I can feel somewhat comfortable sitting at my drums, I’ll very happily be playing along:

(Via YouTube, after much travail) Click image to play)


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