Just Between Us…

…Did my friendly neighborhood health care facility (formerly known as a “hospital”) send me this email notice so I could qvell with pride at having fulfilled my fiduciary duty (with a helluva lotta help from Medicare and my secondary insurance) or because their AI ain’t so I?

This email arrived shortly after a snail mail with the same info. And another email/snail mail paring with an Amount Due that was quite a bit more than zero. What I’m saying is that I’m wondering how much less my bill would be if the billing system was more efficient.

Uh-oh. A reasonably aware writer knows the importance of rereading and editing their work. Looking over this post, it strikes me that my complaint here may be entirely full of shit. It’s entirely possible probable that if I wasn’t inundated with info like this I’d bitch about not being kept up to date on my standing with the health-care-powers-that-be.

As the beautiful woman to whom I just read what I’ve written so far points out, “All things considered, you’ve just gotten over the first hurdle every writer faces. Even if you’ve gotten it all wrong, isn’t it wonderful that you’ve found something to actually enjoy writing about?”

The bottom line here is I’m clicking on post now even though it fills me with social responsibility angst.

Or, as one of the great voices of my generation back when it was very cool to be in that generation has said:

“…nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong…”

With apologies to Stephen Stills–


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