The Eternal Resonance of Daily Cartoons

I have no idea what the title of this post means, but I made it up and I’ll stick by it to the end.

Erm, whatever that means as well.

Regardless (see how smart I am? I haven’t made the oh-so-common mistake of using the nonexistent word “irregardless”), I’m here to say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the January 21st through January 26th run of Arlo and Janis at GoComics.Com. Everything in it is highly recommended because:

  1. It’s all new jokes, which certainly isn’t something we see very often, especially in newspaper comic strips
  2. In spite of being new jokes, the interaction here is so very, very familiar to me, all of it having occurred (many, many times) in Gwendoland, AKA, the 30 year long life of moi and, of course, G the B.

My suggestion is that you start reading HERE and continue through to HERE.

FTR: That’s my favorite in this particular run of A & J at the top of this post.

Why is it at the top? To grab your attention, natch.

Why is it my fave? Probably because, as you-know-who can tell you, I do my best to live a life in which I can always be proud of myself. (And no, I’m not going to tell you about the times I’ve failed. That would pretty much ruin things, don’t you think?)



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