Love, Rockets, and an Early Birthday Present

Yes, it’s true. My 78th birthday is in seven weeks.

And if ever there was a birthday to be ambivalent about, this is it.

The bad news about this coming birthday – and more than a few previous ones – is that I can be sure to wake up feeling battered and bruised and stiffened and weakened and with absolutely no idea of the cause.

The good news about it is, of course, that I will in fact be waking up. Ain’t nothing going to stop me from that…and because I’ve become used to the mystery tribulations being piled upon me, I’ll awaken eager and hopeful and excited as hell about the newest day.

Why am I thinking about a December birthday in the last half of October? That’s on my wife, G the B. When I woke up this morning Gwen greeted me with her usual love and rockets, followed by something not so usual.

An early birthday gift. Which she encouraged me to open now.

Which I did. As you saw at the top of this post.

Yes, it’s my very own brand-spanking-new vacuum cleaner!

The good news about it is that I didn’t have to put together all those pieces I’m puzzling over in the pic. My beloved did that for me.

The bad news is that as soon as I finish typing this I’m going to use the damn thing.

The best news is that I’m eager and hopeful and excited as hell about vacuuming my heart, soul, and back out.

Because —

Wait for it —

More love and rockets will soon follow.

(Does this post fit the definition of TMI? Asking, of course, for a friend.

It’s All About Attitude, Yeah?

Elsa Keslassy of Variety.Com tells us that Iranian filmmaker Mani Haghighi is having a rough time… but I look at the picture running with the article and all I can think is, “This is the face of a guy who’s getting laid.”

(Getty Images pic via Variety.Com)

Statement from BFI London Film Festival spokesperson, via Variety:

The Iranian filmmaker Mani Haghighi was due to travel to London today to support the UK premiere of his film Subtraction which is screening tomorrow at the BFI London Film Festival, but has been prevented from boarding his flight to the UK.


Facing the Retirement Blues

Yesterday’s post about “strange ripples in the bubble surrounding our solar system” reminded me of how much I loved writing about Cloud Creek Ranch, the magical Ozark property Gwen the Beautiful and I lived on way back when.

For those who aren’t familiar with yours truly’s life and times, while we were in Arkansas I wrote a newspaper column called Live! From Paradise! about the people, the animals, the full-out, in-your-face way of life Cloud Creek created. And loved it every bit as much as I did writing and producing TV shows that once upon a time were watched by millions and now are unknown to – and unremembered by – millions more.

(Uh-oh, I feel a digression coming on. “Out!” I say. “Focus” is the word for today.)

The more I think about it, the more I find myself wanting to write something similar to my former column. Cloud Creek Ranch (and its equally rural predecessor – hey, it bordered on Malibu and a country spot, right? – also called – you guessed it – Cloud Creek Ranch are no more, but our way of life here on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State is also rural and just as enveloped in magic as the others were.

In fact, in many ways, our current digs outside of a small, very independent-minded town called Port Townsend remind me of when Gwen and I first were first married and made our home on the Santa Clara Pueblo near Santa Fe, New Mexico. I haven’t talked about Santa Clara much on the web, but I it does figure prominently in a book of poetry I’ve published.

(Actually in three or four of them, but I see myself starting to commit the grandfather of all digressions, so I’ll come back to that some other time. C’mon, Brode get to the bottom line of this post.)


Some of you may already know that for the past few weeks I’ve been on a kind of inner quest, a journey on which I’m looking for the right topics to discuss here at LarryBrody.Com. Topics that wouldn’t have fitted TVWriter™, the everything-you-need-to-know-about showbiz-but-were-afraid-to-ask site I ran for over twenty years. I’m still searching, but as of today, I think the ups and downs and joys and sorrows of living in the Pacific Northwest and its rain, rain, rain, and blue skies that actually are a kind of misty white definitely need get up on the interweb stage.

In other words, Live! From Paradise! meet Live! From the Olympic Rainforest! How’s that sound?

Other than being just a tad long and awkward, I mean.

Looks like I’m going to have to do some harder thinking about what I’m doing. Which definitely is something I was trying to avoid. But starting this blog has made me understand something I’ve also been trying to keep from facing.

Without hard thinking, how will I know I’m alive?