The Once and Future TVWriter.Com™

by Larry Brody

As some of you know, I began this blog shortly after closing TVWriter.Com™. Without it to fuss with, I found myself much more bored than I ever expected and figured that having a more personal space to fill with, well, more personal feelings, thoughts, and that sort of thing would help me feel busy and helpful without stressing me out.

Guess what. That didn’t happen. The whole personal blog thing just didn’t click with me. I needed more (and no, although I’m on Facebook, that was far from more. The only advantage I found in writing about myself and my family on FB was that I was at least assured an audience. Not a big audience, but enough to justify the time I spent and still spend there).

Not being nearly as original a thinker as I’d thought I was for most of my life, instead of coming up with something new and exciting to do during my remaining retirement years I decided to re-open TVWriter™ so up and coming writers and such who had never gone to the site would be able to see and read the advice that the wonderful people I call Team TVWriter™ and I had shared over twenty-five-ish years on the web.

It took a little doing, but I finally located the saved TVW files and with the help of webmaster extraordinaire Chuck Fox and a gang of great friends and former Team TVWriter™ members I’ve been working to restructure the classic old site so it will be more relevant to current showbiz reality and, frankly, involve as little of my time and effort as possible.

Here’s what we’ve accomplished in the last few months:

    1. Worked like demons to remove all pages and posts with broken links. (NOTE: Most of the sites that are gone were small personal sites; YouTube videos by companies that no longer exist; Middle Eastern sites – especially those critical of just about any status quo at the time of writing; business sites that usually didn’t deal with showbiz happenings; psychology and self-help sites; etc.).
    2. Removed many but not all posts and pages about the TVWriter™ contests and online classes that no longer are available (because it would be embarrassing as hell if new – or old – visitors tried to pay for services no longer offered, plus I’m trying to actually take things easy, remember?)
    3. Kept the basic contest and class info (including the complete listing of all Winners, Finalists, and Semi-Finalists in The People’s Pilot and The Spec Scriptacular competitions because those terrific creators deserve to be known worldwide).
    4. Retained the continuously (and automatically) updating Writing & Showbiz News and Writing & Showbiz Tips sections because keeping track of what’s trending right now is in and of itself one of – if not the – most important things a site calling itself TVWriter.Com™ can do.

What all this blather means is that as of this writing, the (relatively) new TVWriter.Com™ is now open for Beta 3, and all of you reading this are invited to have a look around and then, I hope, tell me what we’ve done right, what we’ve done wrong and, probably most importantly, what we’ve totally screwed up.

If you were a member of the site back when or currently are Beta Testers, all you have to do is log-in HERE

If you need a new log-in name and password, give me a holler at, and if you check out as a real person and not a current or future spammer/stalker, I’ll send you what you need.

Thanks for reading this!