Just Another Life Lesson Learned While Recovering from Surgery

(Free image from CLIPARTIX.COM)

As a Redditor might phrase this sort of thing on one of the interweb’s most popular sites:

TIL [“Today I learned,” for those over 40] that not even 10mg of oxy can give me the feeling of joy my mother saw on my face when I was 8 years old and the local radio news announced it was a Chicago School District snow day.

But Gwen the Beautiful did get to see me smile more than just a little as I read a “Get Better Soon” text received from a junior high buddy I’ve been telling her about for sixty-five years.


A Sign for Our Times

Found in the “Country Store” mail order catalog that arrived in our mailbox – unexpected, unannounced, and you probably won’t be surprised to hear also unsolicited – the other day:

(this & more cool stuff available via countrystorecatalog.com)

Yeppers, kids, it’s a genuine Cardinal lawn thermometer that:

“…displays temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius and measures snowfall! Hand painted metal. 13″ x 14″ cardinal; 20″ stake. $39.99″

Gotta tell you. I luv this thing. If anything can cure what ails us, it’s got to be this plump little bird happily lording it over a wicked looking trident like, oh, all those beloved Big Tech-Pharma-Media-Transportation-etc., etc., etc. moguls who take such obvious joy in showing you, me, and our Uncle Bill and Aunt Karen how wonderful our lives would be if we only had what it takes to smugly look the other way no matter what’s falling just like this scarlet sucker is doing.

In other words, this cute low-tech gizmo is not improving my post surgical attitude.

But shoving a delicious mini Milky Way left over from Halloween into my mouth while writing this has made my day.