Just Trying to Scrape Through These Hard Times

LB’S NOTE: Yes, it’s true. I’ve been doing a little table-listening at a nearby – erm – yacht club. (Sorry about that.) Here’s what I heard the other day.

He: I’m sick and tired of hanging with people who don’t give a fuck.

She: I give a fuck. Hell, I give tons of fucks.

He: Really? You don’t show that very often.

She: Well, I’m, you know, hoarding them for now.

Welcome to Larry Brody’s Blog

(Opening credit in an episode I wrote for either Hawaii Five-0 or Police Story. I honestly don't recall which.)

Update 10/21/22

As of today, I’ve gotten as far as I’m going to with the technical side of setting up this blog, and I’ve decided what my approach to the subject matter is going to be – namely I’ll be posting about whatever I happen to think of that stays in my head long enough to write it down. (Six minutes is my current memory retention rate).

In other words, this blog probably will turn into a combination of a journal and an anti-social media version of Facebook. Many of the writers I’ve known will be very happy with the journal thing, and I’m pleased about satisfying my need for an FB alternative.

With my stalling out of the way, I’m ready to become a semi-professional muser, like so many bloggers, with this Monday, October 24th, the equally semi-pro Opening of LarryBrody.Com

For now, thanks for joining me for the run-up that started two and a half weeks ago, and for reading what’s already here.

Now it’s time to scroll on down and see what develops. And by all means, don’t hesitate to invite your family and friends. And, what the hell, your enemies are welcome too.

(Why, it’s the cool Mr. Camus, found on Existential Comics, a site I highly recommend)




Well, it looks like I’m not going to meet my self-imposed deadline of tomorrow for bringing Live! From Paradise #208 to this new blog.

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I, erm, sort of promised to pick up where I left off reposting my former Gannett Newspapers column weekly, starting October 17th. Unfortunately, I’m just not far along on the look, feel, attitude, and technical aspects of this website to feel me comfortable enough to concentrate on the purely creative elements.

Gwen the Beautiful’s and my ongoing health situations also figure into the situation. And the fact that WordPress, the makers of the software I used for the TVWriter™ site for 22 years, have changed the way users write and edit hasn’t helped either. Fucking “blocks” for “quicker” positioning? Whatever positioning is, I don’t think I’m it. I’m about writing and editing and expressing my feelings in order to help my visitors deal with their own. Just give me some room to bear down and type words and all’s well in my world.

(Yes, I know WP made the change I’m bitching about a few years ago, but I was able to ignore it by not updating. A new install for this new website, however, called for the new version, which were a bitch to handle. Luckily, I’ve found a plug-in that turns back the clock a bit, so I’m now working on a pretty close approximation of what I’m used to, and that should speed things up.)

So, apologies to all my disappointed visitors. Come back soon and check out the progress of my redemption.

Remember, all you have to do is scroll down.



I know, I know, this blog isn’t actually ready for public consumption yet. 

But it will be. Probably not tomorrow, nor the day after. It’ll be more like, well, “soonish.”

But it’ll happen.

For now, you can watch me fumbling around trying to discover what-all LarryBrody.Com will be. All you have to do is scroll down.

Thanks and LYMI, LB